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AirDog Auto-Follow Drone for Adventure Sports


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Brand: Airdog

  • Capture yourself in action!
  • AirDog will automatically follow and film you
  • Built-in autonomous flight modes for adventure sports
  • Foldable for compact travel, fits in your backpack
  • Awarded Best Drone at CES 2015
  • Release date: March 31st, 2016.
  • A fresh powder ride, the best wave of the day, landing a trick. It’s these moments that amplify our lives and give us motivation to find adventure, push our boundaries or just enjoy it all. We believe these moments can truly inspire ourselves and others. We set out to revolutionize how you can capture your adventures and created AirDog, the world’s first auto-follow drone with adventure sport flight modes. AirDog enables you to capture yourself in action - easily, without assistance and from any angle. This will change the way you film your adventures and share your story.

    From the Manufacturer

    Built for Adventure Sports

    AirDog is designed specifically for adventure sports including surf, wind/kitesurf, wakeboard, snowboard/ski, skateboard, mountain bike, MX & other sports. Environment, motion, speed, safety and landing specifics are all programmed in each sport's auto-follow flight mode. All you need to do is select your sport, launch AirDog and enjoy your ride. Airdog will automatically follow and film you.

    Fast & easy control with AirLeash

    You can easily control AirDog with AirLeash, a waterproof and wearable tracking device. AirLeash allows you to adjust height, distance, and landing options even during your run. Both AirDog and AirLeash contain different sensors to enable precision tracking - accelerometer, gyroscope, barometer, magnetometer and GPS.

    Fully Automatic

    AirDog captures you in the center of the action, unassisted and from any angle. AirDog is completely automatic from takeoff to landing, no drone experience or piloting skills required.

    Train to Perfection

    AirDog can be your personal trainer. AirDog will follow and film as you ride. Later you can analyze the footage and check out your progress. For longer sessions with AirDog make sure to bring extra batteries.

    Fits in your Backpack

    Compact with foldable arms, landing gears and removable propellers, AirDog is easy to carry and fits in your backpack, ready to travel with you wherever your adventures may take you.

    AirDog Is Built For Action. Now It's Time To Tell Your Story.

    Finally you can tell your story - you won’t need anyone to hold a camera, AirDog will capture you on video autonomously. Focus on your adventure and enjoy a hands-free drone experience. For tips, tricks and videos 

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    Describe your product in 3 words.

    Capture your Action

    How did you come up with the idea for this product?

    While working on industrial drone solutions an idea appeared, why couldn’t a drone capture us in action and be used for our adventures? At first the idea seemed crazy, but our passion for adventure sports continued to inspire us and eventually we fell in love with the idea. So we switched gears, went for what fueled us and built an auto-follow drone for adventure sports.

    What makes your product special?

    We have reinvented drone controls to put the product in hands of athletes and fans of outdoor activity. We have researched each and every sport and customized AirDog flight modes to make the experience flawless and hassle free. AirDog is designed to be durable, foldable, weather resistant, compact and easy to travel with. It’s a unique way to capture action and we’ve made it as easy as possible with AirDog.

    What has been the best part of your startup experience?

    The support and feedback from our community has been inspiring and valuable. It’s really amazing to build a product that we love and use. And now, seeing our customer excitement and first videos is really exciting. It’s truly incredible to ignite change in the way adventure sports are captured.