Vorwerk Thermomix TM5 + COOK KEY +Accessories Genuine New

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€ 650.00

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Vorwerk Thermomix TM5

The product includes the COOK-KEY in this price.

Varoma and Accessories Genuine New


Thermomix TM5 | mixing bowl | Knives | cover | a mixer (Butterfly) | spatula | cooking insert |

Varoma plastic with all inserts

The device is packaged NEW and Original.

This device has the transparent plastic Varoma and left rotation.


Technical data:


Maintenance-free Vorwerk - reluctance motor, 500 Watts nominal power
Infinitely variable speed from 100 to 10,700 rpm (stirring gently, level 40 RPM)
Specific speed (intermittent) for dough production
Right / left rotation
Protected by automatic engine protection against overload


Power 1000 watt
Adjustable from 37 ° C to 120 ° C, then the Varoma comes level
Soft start above 60 ° c.
Soft heat setting
Temperature and residual heat display
Protected against overheating

Integrated scale:

Measuring range: 5-3000 g in 5 g increments (up to 6 kg)
Tara button


High-quality plastic with a glossy look


Mixing bowl:

Stainless steel stainless steel, with integrated heating and temperature sensor
Maximum capacity 2.2 litres

Varoma steam g attachment:

Varoma: high-quality plastic
Shelf and cover: high-quality plastic


Connection value:

220-240 volts
Max power: 1,500 Watts
The retractable cord length: 1 m

Scope of delivery:

Vorwerk Thermomix TM5 basic instrument
Mixing bowl. Mix bowl base, incl. seal and cover incl. seal
Butterfly (stirring essay)
Basket made of plastic
Measuring cup
Operating instructions
Transparent Varoma with shelf
Functions of the Thermomix TM5:

Chop and puree
Rub (for example: cheese or bread crumbs)
Grind (such as cereals, coffee beans)
Pulverize (E.g. sugar)
Chop (such as herbs, ice cube)
Cook (E.g. vegetables, potatoes, rice, rice pudding, jam)
Beat (E.g., cream)
Emulsify: everything else must be in the water bath (E.g. Zabaione, mayonnaise, hollandaise sauce)
Knead and mix (E.g. yeast dough, bread dough)
Making baby food
Preparation of ice
Preparation of bread spreads
With the Thermomix, you can weigh the required ingredients directly in the mixing bowl and read off the scale display. And even during the cooking process.

You can weigh in easily all other ingredients with the tare key.



(1) Varoma lid

(2) Varoma tray

(3) Varoma receptacle

(4) measuring cup

(5) mixing bowl lid with integrated seal ring

(6) stirring essay

(7) attachment

(8) mixing bowl

(9) the mixing knife

(10) recipe chip

(11) touch screen display

(12) spatula

Please note that the recipe chip has languages !